Volunteer at the SRC

We rely on a team of volunteers to operate the Seniors’ Resource Centre and deliver services such as our Better at Home program, which assists seniors to continue living independently in their homes.

Volunteers drive seniors to medical appointments and to get groceries. They offer friendly visits to provide emotional support and social contact. Volunteers are needed to assist with our events and activities, such as socials, flu clinic, Gourmet Dinner, Parisian Café, and help at the SRC. We also have volunteers who provide technical assistance with a host of digital devices.

Volunteer opportunities are varied, and the time commitment is designed to meet your needs and schedule.


Volunteer Drivers – Volunteer drivers provide a reliable, friendly and affordable form of transportation for seniors to their appointments or to grocery shop, helping to break down some of the barriers in accessing such. These driving services could include driving the Better at Home registered seniors to medical appointments, or occasional Better at Home community event.

Friendly Visits – Volunteers plays a vital role in alleviating the negative effects of social isolation. As a volunteer, you provide emotional support and social contact to a person who has become, or is in danger of becoming, socially isolated. Volunteers help to improve the senior’s quality of life, assist them to stay independent and increase their self-confidence.