About the Metchosin Seniors’ Association

Metchosin Seniors’ Association is dedicated to helping seniors and their families with support, connections, and services. Our mandate is to support an age-friendly Metchosin.

The MSA is a non-profit society with charitable status formed in 2013. MSA provides executive direction and financial management to operate the Seniors’ Resource Centre. The SRC helps local seniors remain safely in this community for as long as they choose by connecting them with information and resources, and hosting programs and social events.

Vision: The MSA envisions an age-friendly community, in which seniors thrive and remain in their own homes for as long as they are able, supported by collaborative, effective, community organizations.


  1. To operate the Seniors’ Resource Centre (SRC) for 16 hours per week, Tuesday to Friday, 12-4pm. Responding to drop-in, telephone and online requests for information and assistance. A communication network to members and the community is maintained; members recruited, funds raised, and education, recreation and cultural events organized.
  2. To work with and support the Metchosin Fire Department by ensuring it is aware of frail and potentially vulnerable residents; participating as a resource to Emergency Support Services; promoting emergency preparedness programs; collaborating to provide programs, e.g. flu shots; and participating in stakeholder and community organizations quarterly meetings.
  3. Deliver the United Way Better at Home Program to Metchosin residents, by coordinating volunteers to drive seniors to medical appointments or pick up and drop off prescriptions and groceries, offer technical support as requested and provide care and companionship.
  4. Consult with seniors and their families and network with local, regional, and provincial organizations to ensure the needs of Metchosin’s seniors are being understood and met.
  5. Create inter-generational opportunities.

MSA is financed primarily by:

  • a fee-for-service contract with District of Metchosin to provide essential services and support to local residents
  • the Pacific Centre Family Services Association and United Way who fund the Better at Home Program
  • contributions through membership fees, donations, and fund-raising

MSA collaborates with many partners, including the Metchosin Fire Department and its Emergency Program, senior-related organizations, government agencies and community groups.

Board of Directors

  • Deirdre Chettleburgh, President and Chair
  • Helen Fletcher, Vice-president
  • Carol Carman, Secretary
  • Kim Schlieper, Treasurer
  • Jennifer Burgis, Director
  • Barrett Fullerton, Director
  • Bonnie Hardy, Director
  • Sandy Jenkins, Director
  • Sarah Richardson, Director


  • Sharie Epp, Metchosin District Council Liaison
  • Stephanie Dunlop, Fire Chief/Emergency Programs Coordinator
L to R: Sandy Jenkins, Barrett Fullerton, Helen Fletcher, Bonnie Hardy, Jennifer Burgis, Sarah Richardson, Carol Carman, Kim Schlieper, Deirdre Chettlebugh

Seniors’ Resource Centre

Shannon Carman, Office Manager

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer opportunities are varied and the time commitment is designed to meet your needs and schedule.