The Metchosin Seniors’ Association has received a United Way Healthy Aging grant to set up a Seniors’ Centre Without Walls pilot program. It will offer free phone-based and video-based events and activities for seniors to take part in safely from the comfort of home.

We are hiring a part-time program assistant for this project.
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The genesis of Seniors’ Centre Without Walls began in New York more than 40 years ago to bring the city’s rich culture into the homes of older adults who could not easily get out to museums and libraries. That evolved into seniors’ centres without walls, which are now in various incarnations around the globe with the goal to support social connections for seniors, to build an inclusive community atmosphere, and to ensure accessibility of social opportunities and health/wellness information to all seniors.

The MSA, through the Seniors’ Resource Centre, will create a Metchosin-style centre without walls. We plan to host up to 4 events per month starting this June.

Topic areas are:

  • health and wellness
  • arts and culture
  • education and information
  • socializing and just for fun

Events might include:

  • art classes,
  • trivia games
  • interviews with Metchosin seniors
  • presentations on trending issues

We plan to include local presenters as much as possible. There will be a range of options to listen, engage or have a full discussion. Most sessions will be small in size, and an hour or less. Pick up next month’s Muse for a calendar of events!

What topics might interest you? Do you have any topics to suggest? Would you take part by phone or computer? Or a combination of both? Are there days of the week or times of day that you prefer? We want to hear from you!