Important Message to Metchosin Seniors’ Association Members

As you are likely aware, a couple of years ago, the BC Ministry of Health changed the protocol regarding response (call-out) to emergencies and, depending upon the acuity of emergency, municipal fire departments were no longer asked to respond. For rural communities such as Metchosin, this is an alarming situation from both a health and safety perspective. Metchosin Council, Scia’new First Nation (Beecher Bay), the Metchosin Fire Department and the MSA Board have all requested that the provincial government re-consider this decision, but to date little progress has been made. (For additional background please see the article Dear Minister, ‘Where are our Calls?’ in the November Metchosin Muse.)

In an effort to rectify this situation, the MSA has been invited to join with other Metchosin organizations to sign a formal petition. This petition is destined for the policy makers and parties responsible for the management of emergency services at the BC Ministry of Health. Because of Covid-19 we are using email or telephone to request your participation.

Please take a moment to read the ‘Petition Statement’ below, that will accompany the Petition submission.

Petition Statement
We, the under-notated, acting as co-applicants, hereby request a formal re-assessment of the reduced call-out status of Metchosin’s Fire Department Emergency Response team as a result of the process initiated by provincial authorities under the Critical Response Model. The consequences of this implementation have significantly increased the time required for on-site call-out attendance and places Metchosin residents, and its increasing number of parks and recreational visitors, unnecessarily at risk. The effectiveness of a local Emergency Response can only remain so if our locally based provider is fully informed of all emergency call-outs and in a timely fashion. We therefore request the immediate re-instatement of our former call-out status, and the return of local decision-making authority for on-site attendance, to the municipal level in the interests of safety and well-being for all.

If you choose to participate, email providing the first and last name, street address and postal code for all household members who are in support. (Note that e-mail addresses and personal phone numbers will not be included in the final submission.) Petitioners must be resident of the District of Metchosin and 18 years of age or older. Please feel welcome to send this email on to family and friends who may also wish to participate.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Seniors’ Resource Centre at 250.478.5150. Thank you in advance for your support of this important endeavor.

Deirdre Chettleburgh, MSA Chair