The Seniors’ Resource Centre and The Legacy Project combine to Celebrate International Day of the Older Person on October 1st, at our Gala Opening Event from 4-6PM at MACC in Metchosin. Please join us, in our newly renovated space, to mix with our supporters and to recognize our partners and participants who will help to launch “The Legacy Project,” a month-long Seniors’ Storytelling Exhibit that will run throughout October.

TheLegacyProjectThis past year, students from West-mont Montessori and local seniors have worked together to create their own Legacy Projects. As a result, each unique storyteller will leave a piece of his or her history, using digital technology and multi-media, for a new generation of listeners and learners. Come meet our senior and student storytellers, enjoy their stories and take part in lively discussions with our Legacy Project participants.

You can also visit The Legacy Project Seniors’ Storytelling Exhibit at MACCA, throughout the month of October. #2019Storytellers and their Legacy Projects will be featured, at Storytime Saturday’s, from 12-4PM weekly.

Call us at 250-478-5150 to learn more and watch for story updates at The Legacy Project on FB @Community Connector Metchosin. We acknowledge the CRD Arts Commission through the CRD Arts & Culture Support Service for their generous support of MACCA’s, The Legacy Project @feedthearts #crdarts #yyjarts #2019storytellers