With support from the MSA Board, we will continue to provide encouragement and positive direction for expanding senior members, connections, communication and access, with the continuation and addition of more programs and user services at the Seniors’ Resource Centre in Metchosin.

In order to meet the immediate needs of our local seniors, our immediate challenge is to increase the current base of local Service Providers and Support Volunteers. We welcome members of ALL ages!

Your lifetime membership to the Seniors’ Resource Centre is only $20 per person and is available to all ages. Please call us at 250-478-5150 or drop by for a visit to SIRC.

We look forward to your help in keeping Metchosin age-friendly. To become a member of, click on the Membership Form to go to the Membership Form page to submit your information.

If you would prefer to print and complete, simply download the Membership pdf file, fill it in and drop it off.

Seniors’ Resource Centre ~ Metchosin is located at the Metchosin Arts and Cultural Centre at 4495 Happy Valley Road in Metchosin, BC., V9C 3Z3