A special thanks to all you came out in the rain and to those who supported the 7th annual Parisian Café on Sept. 11. It was so enjoyable to socialize and catch up with friends and neighbours once again.

We honoured our volunteers who help us operate the SRC:

  • Darren Buhr
  • Diana Clare
  • Felicity Creasser
  • Suzanne Lee
  • Marianne Ostopovich
  • Jessica Venoit

Thanks to our sponsors who enable us to offer this event at no cost:

  • Jane Johnston of Briar Hill Group
  • Frank Mitchell
  • Metchosin Arts and Cultural Centre
  • Keith Haigh of Edward Jones
  • Peter Chettleburgh
  • Ninebark Farm
  • Ray Spenser of Westshore Arts Council with support from the Victoria Conservatory of Music, Westshore Campus
  • Sam Jones, founder of 2% Jazz Coffee and the Sequoia Coffee shop
  • Daniel Vokey of Patisserie Daniel who generously provided our delicious French pastries!

Finally, hats off to Todd Corwin, winner of the 2020 Gourmet Dinner, who donated it as a door prize, which was won by Art Brendon.

Watch a short video of the event on our YouTube channel.